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From plastic to plastic. From content to container.

Granule productionProducts

From the processing of post-consumer plastic, a high quality recycled granule is obtained.

Polyethylene ProductionProducts

The high quality granules, produced from post-consumer plastic, are used to make bags for industrial use.

Research and developmentInnovation

Il team di Ricerca & Sviluppo di Plastic Packaging investe costantemente in ingegneria di processo e innovazione tecnologica

ReLife Plastic Packaging

RELIFE PLASTIC PACKAGING, produces post-consumer granules which are transformed into new finished products, with an average recycled plastic content in excess of 80%.

Over 15 thousand tonnes of granules (between recycled and virgin) processed, producing more than 2.5 billion bags sold to end consumers: 800 different products ranging from food grade bags for chilled food storage to non-food applications, including garment storage bags and refuse bags.

The division is considered emblematic of excellence at European level for its technological development and patents obtained in post-consumer plastics recycling.


tons of waste

transformed every year into secondary raw materials.

billion plastic bags

sold to end consumers

tons of recycled PE

Recycled plastic film since 1976
0123456789001234567890 mln

€ of annual turnover

generated by ReLife’s Plastic Packaging division
ReLife Plastic Packaging

ReLife Group

RELIFE PLASTIC PACKAGING, produces post-consumer granules which are transformed into new finished products, with an average recycled plastic content in excess of 80%.

ReLife is the Italian leader in the management of the entire process of waste valorization: from the separate collection and recovery of municipal and industrial solid waste to accurate recycling rate monitoring and sale of end products.
The ReLife system is customer-centred: initially suppliers of recyclable production waste, on completion of the collecting and processing cycle in the group’s plants, our customers become the recipients of eco-sustainable products and packaging.

Customer satisfaction is the best measure of success. In addition, ReLife Plastic Packaging is committed to supporting our local communities.

As a family business, we own the business and are intimately involved in the day-to-day operations. Time spent in the company interacting with employees is a routine, we promote their development and take pride in their work.

Giorgio Malaspina

Production of post-consumer granules

The Silvano D’Orba plant in Alessandria processes post-consumer plastic, more specifically: Flexible polyethylene film originating from separate waste collection.

Production of polyethylene plastic film

The Tagliolo Monferrato plant in Alessandria processes the granules produced by ReLife Plastic Packaging, which are used to produce bags and industrial-use stretch film for pallet wrapping.

We are passionate about giving our customers the best service as we continue to grow, learn and innovate. With expertise across multiple sectors, we offer our customers reliable solutions that lay the foundations for long-term collaborations.

ChallengesReLife Plastic Packaging is always interested in exciting, stimulating new projects.

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