Film for packaging

The post-consumer granules produced by Plastic Packaging have a range of uses in Italy’s secondary and tertiary market of manufacturers of plastic packaging and goods for sale, who aspire to achieve a veritable circular economy in their own production processes, with production waste becoming the raw material for new, environmentally sustainable products.

Film for packaging in recycled granules originating from post-consumer plastic

Now, after major investments in research and technological innovation, ReLife Plastic Packaging undertakes production of polyethylene film made from post-consumer granules, used for the production of flexible, high quality packaging in recycled material, considerably reducing its environmental impact and using fewer primary resources. A revolution in the Italian market where the majority of heat-shrink film in polyethylene is made mostly with virgin granules.

Polyethylene flexible films made from post-consumer granules have various fields of application, offering good performance in terms of tear resistance, protection of materials from direct sunlight and atmospheric agents, and the prevention of damage during transport, handling and storage of palletised goods, which packaging can be shaped around.

The heat-shrink film produced by Plastic Packaging is available in different colours and in reels of various lengths, catering to specific customer requirements and evaluating the packaging solution best suited to the type of goods to be packaged.
Fields of application
  • non-contact food use, for storage of produce in bottles, glass jars or in milk
  • construction
  • furnishings
  • automotive and nautical
  • hygiene and cleaning, cosmetics
  • agriculture

Plastic Packaging recycled granules originating from post-consumer plastic can be used to produce heat-shrink hoods to cover and protect pallets (pallet covers and pallet hoods), packaging and overwrapping for transportation of goods, including bulky goods, of various different types, such as plastic bottles or building materials (cement, etc…), boats, plants and machinery.

In the agricultural sector, Plastic Packaging supplies recycled granules for the production of mulching film for cultivated fields. An environmentally sustainable product that allows financial savings thanks to the recycling of the polyethylene.