Post-consumer granules

From granules to new products

The Plastic Packaging division produces regenerated granules through a patented system of mechanical recycling of polyethylene. The resulting granules are used to produce:

  • R PCR LDPE Green suitable for the production of agricultural mulching film, black – amber in colour.
  • RECYSTRONG specifically for blown film extrusion, suitable for the production of low-thickness refuse bags.

The granules are certified in relation to PSV (Second Life Plastic) and CARBON FOOT PRINT CO2.


RECYSTRONG granules are used for different types of products in the NON-FOOD sector:


  • plastic film for agriculture
  • stretch film for pallet wrapping
  • clear bags for separate waste collection
  • environmentally-friendly dog poop bags for the PET sector
  • high-performance bags for collection of hospital waste
  • bags for garden waste
  • garment bags
  • bags in biodegradable material for organic waste

Refuse bags are mostly produced with 100% recycled and recyclable material in all thicknesses and different colours.