Raw materials

By merging with the Recycling division of the holding company ReLife SpA, comprised of companies specialised in the collection, transportation, start-up, recycling and recovery of plastics, ReLife Plastic Packaging has ensured it can rely on a continuous, steady supply of high-quality secondary raw material for its production processes, in line with circular economy parameters.

Sorted waste

The Plastic Packaging division uses and processes sorted waste from the facilities of the Recycling division to produce granules and subsequently a wide range of finished products.

The platforms start the process by collecting and recycling recoverable waste from private-owned industries, municipalities and supply chain consortia.

Preparatory sorting, grinding and washing operations before the final granule extrusion stage are carried out in-house. The process is emblematic of technical excellence at European level in the recycling of post-consumer plastics, successfully replacing virgin material even in the most challenging thicknesses (up to 15 microns).


Synergy for the environment

The Plastic Packaging division works in synergy with the Recycling division to achieve industrial integration aimed at completing the circular economy process, in order to generate maximum value in the post-consumer recycling supply chain.
Reflecting the circular economy, today's trend calls for a high percentage of recycled material in the production of plastic packaging, in an effort to favour a more responsible and informed use of packaging and secondary and tertiary packaging.